Behold, God created this amazing universe and it is vast and it is good.Yet how can even HE control the myriad of varieties of life on even one planet ? Easily, for he directs them all, from the smallest ant to the largest mammal to respond to his instructions unthinkingly, obediently, spontaneously due to the instinct he implants in each of them.Thus this amazing Universe, despite its vast size, operates with clock like precision. And still, so careful to ensure stability was the Great Creator of this amazing Universe . he also created angels ,one each to monitor clusters of five hundred planets.
And it came to pass that one angel became intrigued while observing earth to see a creature running from a tiger as it was so programmed, suddenly turn around screaming and throwing rocks at the tiger– in contradiction to its own natural instinct to run!

Angel 24 , alerted that something had gone terribly wrong, , decided to follow up on this so zoomed in on this planet to get a better look. And this brought her to a cult of humans who were complaining about the great creator . A leader–or so it seemed to angel24, was complaining about the Creator of this amazing universe, saying.”Yes this is all well for the rest but here we are stuck with fangs that cannot even chew through a beavers fur and look at these flimsy claws It endowed us with . Are we meant to be fast food for the lazy?

Enough, already, if this is the best the great Creator can do for us, i say let’s worship a god that supports we humans.”

And so it came to pass. that the humans ‘created’ their own God, a God who took care of we humans, who advised us on what was good and what was bad.
Angel24 reported this terrible betrayal to the Great Creator who simply smiled .

So now dear friend, which god do you choose? Careful! One mistake here and you may go out through the wrong door, or doors
Cheers, Andy