The Harsh or Great truth

First I find it absurd that an atheist can consider it arrogant for another atheist to tell a Christian, say, that “there ain’t no such a thing as a god, dude”

While they seem to concern themselves with what they feel are expressions of arrogance they fail to see that it is they who are treating religious people the way Europe once treated their  natives


Lets cut to the chase here, Most believers almost never talk about their faith. Not a big topic for them, rather talk about their golf game

Second, are they imbeciles, morons? Most are busy keeping the country going– they are architects, doctors ,pilots, not the kind of people who are going to suffer trauma when you tell them the bad news.

I and many like me  have set up information tables on occasions such as Earth Day, and we talk to lots of interested believers , and some theists argue they want to hear what we have to say though they do not necessarily agree with us.


From my own experience (yes, I have discussed religion with many members of the church and also with some religious family members and  we have cordially disagreed many times over about the existence of such a thing as a god without any Christians in this case, showing signs of trauma  We agree to disagree time over but the worst I come away with is “ you are going to burn  in hell!”. To my response “there is no damn evidence”

So the question must be asked, Why do so many humanists cringe at the thought of atheists openly stating that there is no such a thing as a god ? Could it be that they don’t want it shouted so loud that god can hear them?

Cheers,, Andy