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About this being good thing

Can we be god without god? Atheists and humanists are wasting their time trying to convince believers that they can be good without god There is no point to this because our real task is to convince believers that THEY … Continue reading

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The other god theories

The case for dear god: O.K., I keep saying this issue is dead and not worth discussing until someone discovers new evidence to support the premise But I must admit there are a couple of theories worth a quick look. … Continue reading

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WHAT HUMANISTS NEED TO KNOW Many of us remain astounded, incredulous, that so many modern Christians insist that this universe was made in seven days, and not so long ago. (Well, they have a point–didn’t Alley Oop have a dinosaur … Continue reading

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People  waste too much time arguing about whether a deity exists or not.  This is not the problem. For whether a god exists or not is not the problem The problem is how come some people  have god on their … Continue reading

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Bible for the Busy

Once upon a time, God, marveling at himself in a mirror, decided to populate a planet with creatures built to his very own image, so he cloned a few thousands just like his own adorable self and did so proclaim … Continue reading

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