About this being good thing

Can we be god without god?

Atheists and humanists are wasting their time trying to convince believers that they can be good without god There is no point to this because our real task is to convince believers that THEY can be good without god

Understandably, if they are truly convinced they would succumb to every temptation without being held in check. by their fear of god, they most naturally would see us as free to do whatever we feel like doing.
Now I think we all know that most believers would still be and act like decent people even if there was no god, ( Fact is, we are all best kept in check by the fear of consequences, but there is good old empathy too)We all want to be friends.

So we might say, what is the problem? And here is the problem—these people have been convinced that without this fear of god, they would act out every ‘sinful’ thing they ever thought of.
And what is the potent tool religious leaders use to such great effect? SEX They KNOW that all of their flock have touched themselves or had a lusty thought. (Made in God’s image? No wonder god fried his son to save our asses.)
“There is no health in us.” is the constant denunciation that convinces their flock that they cannot control themselves.
If we can convince them that they are really good people, no matter what, then they will see that we, too, can be good people

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hold a person to be more important than any idealogy or religion, so we actively defend a woman’s right to choose, free from any interference , a gay’s right to equal treatment and an individuals right to die with dignity.
For that reason, we intend to start up a society that acts as a Think Tank, seeking ways to improve society’s attitudes towards both women and others who are facing discrimination based on sex. Recently an attorney in the U.S. took her rifle to a mall, threatening to shoot the first transgender who dares enter a toilet. One transgender had already been killed. Obviously sex can really freak people out and we need to expose how that can be.

Every time women make an advance in America a backlash, using the Bible as their weapon strikes back, often by passing ever more restrictive laws—there have even been attempts to defund Planned Parenthood.

Is there a way that we can render the bible impotent? We need answers to questions like this

Admittedly we have not the power of organations Like Planned Parentood or Women agains tViolence
But I believe that many brains, working on the same problem can be a powerful force in itself.
. What we are asking you to do is to take troubling issues and put them under the micrscope and see what we can unearth.

We already have a listserver—BABG @ yahoo.com
You can contact me, Andy to discuss this at:

These continuing and relentless attempts to sell the public that abortion is murder is gathering steam in Canada, increment by increment, and I think it is time for the prochoice groups to drop their defensive stance and aggressively counter attack this wholly illogical but very emotional prolife position.
First I am convinced that they have no real feeling for the fetus itself but priests have wisely chosen an issue that exploits our innate concern for our young as a way to dissuade women, particularly single women, from engaging in sexual practices that broach the Catholic Priests standards of morality by forcing them to bear an unwanted baby, no matter whether they want to or not, no matter how the unwanted child will fare in life..They know that women will be less likely to engage in sex if there is a real danger that they’ll get pregnant and this is the specific reason for their pretentious concern for the fetus. It expresses nothing in itself,
But when a grown adult man expresses emotional concern for the contents of a strangers’ uterus, I think we can safely say that his concern is pure maudlin nonsense or is scary, very scary.
Now on a very different level, I think that improving the image of women would go a long way to de-motivate those pro-lifers and their supporters, who see women as immoral if they show any sign of basic human nature. For example, consider those women who protest outside of clinics but go into the clinic for an abortion and then go back to protest at the same clinic, justifying their own abortion because “ I am not one of those sluts”. Right there you have the attitude of a lot of people in today’s society towards women who need an abortion and it is this attitude we have to change NOW LETS DO IT

Andy Mulcahy 2016

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Atheist, Freethinkers
If you find you can live without divine assistance, Come join us at a meeting to take a look at forming a new society, en titled the Happy Heretics, who are fed up with the time it is taking to free women and gays from unjustified, disparaging criticism and laws that tend to impair their right to equal treatment .And to challenge any attempt to teach anything not substantiated by measurable evidence . Lets put kindness and respect back into our culture. Rational thinking does that. Emotional thinking always hurts someone
If you are interested, join us Sunday at 10 a.m. in the JBI Cafe’ – James Bay Inn
270 Government St, Victoria, BC V8V 2L2: Phone 250-389-6770

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Atheist, Freethinkers
If you find you can live without divine assistance, Come join us at a meeting to take a look at forming a new society, en titled the Happy Heretics, who are fed up with the time it is taking to free women and gays from unjustified, disparaging criticism and laws that tend to impair their right to equal treatment .And to challenge any attempt to teach creationism or other aspects of religion as if it had been substantiated by verifiable, measurable evidence . In short, we object to the
Church intruding into our secular education system. If you are interested, join us Sunday at 10 a.m. in the JBI Cafe’ – James Bay Inn
270 Government St, Victoria, BC V8V 2L2: Phone 250-389-6770

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Cancer and religion
stalk the human race
If one don’t get ya
the other might
One seeps in silently
The other– a smiling face
One tortures your brain
The other your body
Beware these two evils
Escape the deadly rack

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Ancient text tended to encourage men to have as many offspring as
possible. It was important to protect the family and the tribe by increasing their population This would make sense, since in those days as a child’s chance of reaching adulthood would be slim at best: they had no defense against disease and children would be a tempting treat to predators, some of whom were more powerful than we. Not much said about women back then but easy to see they were essentially seen as breeders. Obviously abortion and nonproductive sexual activity (gays) would be shunned..

But fast forward to this century and we find that our survival is now threatened by over 7 Billion of us critters crowded onto this small planet, a planet whose land mass is shrinking—mainly because of the needs of our ever expanding human population.

So why do we still have people so opposed to abortion and who detest gay activity Why??

Because we have far too many who are still taught that they must conform to these ancient standards-or else.. Republicans are treating women as if they were breeders by passing draconian laws . and threatening transsexuals– Read on:

An Attorney in America states that she’d take a gun to restrooms so she can shoot trans sexual people. One transsexual has already been shot in a mall for this supposedly “crime”. Eleven states intend to sue their President for legalizing transsexual rights. Meanwhile Muslims continue to behead anyone who is found guilty of being transsexual.

How did physical intimacy get such a bad name.? Sex is simply a genetic drive, morality does not apply Yes ethics, as always, applies. But what is ethical about a priest using children for personal pleasure? What is ethical about teachers and coaches molesting children? What is ethical about a man masturbating in a women’s body against her will?

But note—all this moral outrage is NOT directed against these crimes, hell no, this outrage is directed at people for just being who they are.
Andy Mucahy

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In an article in the Times Colonist yesterday( April 3rd) there was one entitled “Freeman embarks on the Story of God”, which announces a new TV series, starring Morgan Freeman, in his quest to explore every religion with the intent (I gather) of finding some special connection between them all. ( Yes, I know, from our point of view that connection seems obvious.:)

An interesting read till the following quote stopped me in my tracks, it looks to me as if this woman is trying to turn the tables on the certainty thing.” McCreary considers the series an exercise against what she calls the “Tyranny of certainty.”

But it is they, not we who insist that their god exists and never once has the believer community suggested that there was any doubt about that.”

But then on further reflection I could see that from her point of view our instant rejection of their claims without discussion do come off looking a lot like we are very certain.

What we need to point out to them is that it is just that our priorities differ from theirs. Whether there is a god is way down there with our interest in ,say, types of shoelaces. .
Our priorities include such thing s as can we save this planet from toxic pollution; how can we avoid wars; how do we stop racial and similar types of discrimination and the list goes on and on–really little time to philosophize about existentialism. No time for pondering the imponderables, science will guide us–something we can always question, always revaluate.

But I can also see why getting proof or even just convincing us that it is possible there is a god is a number one priority to those who think religion is being phased out. They see, on the one hand that modern education promotes critical analysis, weakening their case but on the other, that neuroscience may prove to help them to keep the lie alive–as we get closer and closer to being categorized as robots, there could be a powerful backlash against too much reality.

Any way they seem to feel they are in a Titanic battle, making god’s existence their number one priority.

[ If you want to see just how feverish they have become, just Google-“ minds, materialism” and see the spate of articles trying to prove that dualism exists. ( all, of course, from an anthropomorphic point of view])’

So, in summary, while theists see discussing manifestations’ of god as top topics on their list of importance, we non theists, in turn have little interest in beating this dead horse forever more. Believe as you will.



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dealing with terrorists


I suggest that our difficulty in arresting terrorists before the y strike is because they represent a religion This, I think, gives them a little too much slack.
High time for us to replace “Freedom of Religion”. with a law that respects every person’s right to believe as his own conscience dictates providing that he must never condone nor encourage violence.

First, most mainstream religions, annoyed by a small group of radicals giving them a bad name would be glad for a reason to reject them.( True, these few might still claim they represent that religion but would receive no protection under this act.)

Secondly, the existing act essentially discriminates against all those whose beliefs do not fall into the category of a religion. There are plenty of other belief systems about—agnostics, atheists humanists, libertarians, many who base their whole lives on their philosophy and there is plenty of evidence that society discriminates against atheists and other non mainstream groups They need and have a right to the same protection as a religious person.

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Bridge to Humanism

Once we come to the realization that there is no such a thing as a god, we find ourselves in need of screening and modifying our secular laws to better represent the secular nature of our society. Our culture has been immersed in religion for more than two millennia and it is difficult to separate those mores that derive from practical experience from those derived or at least influenced by religious dogma. Rejecting the religious doctrines that we have formerly depended on means that we now have to develop our own standards of behaviour, etc. And, since there are only the two Magisteriums -science and religion– we naturally turn to science for answers and thus was born modern humanism.

Now we’re all set, right? .Well, not according to Carl Coon and others–giving up on god is but the first step–getting all that decayed sludge out of our heads is a life time project. It turns out it is not always that easy to cleanse our brains of past beliefs and prejudices, after having been brought up in such a religious environment,

In particular, religion’s need to oversee sexual activity — specifically to keep women under careful control— has been heavily indoctrinated into our psyches. By inducing shame and guilt in us from early childhood on, we have developed an almost instinctive distaste for overt signs of sexual activity. And the cost is high- -over sixty women were murdered in Vancouver while we looked the other way.

Yet one still runs into humanists who show some discomfort when the topic turns to such issues as homosexuality, abortion or prostitution, suggesting it is not all that easy for us to cough up all the sexual sleaze that was injected into our skulls when we were young and very malleable.

And most important, now that scientists, aided by modern computers are increasing our knowledge base almost exponentially, we are going to have trouble just trying to keep up. Science has discovered so much more about our genetic makeup and about how our brains work, that we are faced with the need to keep readjusting our world view to suit. So, as Carl Coon suggests, giving up on the god thing is just the start. Not for us the comfort of principles written in stone one can blindly, unthinkingly follow For the humanist, scouring the cranium of old decayed knowledge and replacing it with ever fresher information is a lifetime project.

We need to create our own culture., not lean on the existing religious cultures. If you read Derrick Jensen’s book: ”The Culture of Make Believe.” you’ll begin to see that our existing cultures are mindlessly, unnecessarily cruel. We Humanists need to give the world something better than that. And soon.
Andy Mulcahy
The Culture of Make Believe, Derrick Jensen
Paperback: 720 pages Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing (Mar 1 2004) Language: English ISBN-10: 1931498571 ISBN-13: 978-1931498

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No, humanists do not eat little children nor do we Continue reading

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