Sid Hill

0 happy day, Callooh! Callay!

and thrushes warbling in the bush”

He’d often quote

\in his exuberance,

fracturing Carroll’s work to suit.

A poet in his own right, too,

this moral man,

the one about the nurse at Bamfield

still etches on the inner mind.,

He landed on an alien shore

to free those held by vicious war,

and three days later, at Putot,

he fell;

a sergeant then.

And the west coast winds still

howl their rage at the empty shore

from whence he came,

demanding poems never formed,

seeking dreams left untold.

 Andy Mulcahy


Sergeant Sidney Hill; K57067 ,was killed on June 9. 1944 during the counter attack at Putot en Bessin

2 Responses to SID HILL

  1. Monist says:

    This is a poem dedicated to Sergeant Sid Hill of the Canadian Scottish Regiment, who landed on D Day. June 6th, 1944 and was killed three days later.

  2. Joanne Manley says:

    Thank you for doing this Andy. I wonder if Sid Hill’s family ever knew of your poem.

    I didn’t go to the ceremony. I always cry.

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