A Summer Place


I hear you are looking for a summer place

A quiet place, free from the screaming winds of space

Boy, have I got the place for you

A beautiful place, hidden away

And, for you, sir, at a bargain price

A quiet place, the sounds of space muffled by cooling clouds that enclose the place

It has great liquid pools of blue and color everywhere, greenery and lively birds adorn the place.

But I must caution you

To wait a while before moving in

The former tenants have left a mess

Wait till its fresh winds have cleared the place

Of nuclear debris and other waste

But then, my friend

What a place!

Changing seasons delight the eye

sweet music from the emerging life

engages the ears, silent seas and silent winds

far from the blinding light of the universe

a bargain, sir ,at twice the price

agm Andy Mulcahy

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