Granted it is barely a hundred years ago that women won the right to
vote but today they have made great strides and compete equally with
men in such fields as science, politics and industry.

So how could anyone not see this happening? It looks like a lot of
guys were entrapped in some kind of spell . As I see it, we have a lot
of men who are angry, really angry, one could say furious, towards
women. They attack every women politician’s decisions or statements
and send crude insulting barbs to any woman scientist’s tweets and
now, as #MeToo exposes them, it becomes  clear that they simply will
not accept women as persons on any level.

It is clear that a lot of guys have failed to evolve and we need to
find out who or what has blocked their advance into this century. It
is not them that we should blame, lets dig out the real culprits,
whoever they may be.

Me? I’m betting it will turn out to be those who promote the bible, a
bible that refers to women, when they are mentioned at all, as
sentient pets. Granted, few read this book today but our culture is
still infected by its memes.

and anyway, can we not have a lot of these guys interviewed by a
psychologist? Surely he could draw out the common characteristics of
those found guilty of this cowardly crime

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