Hello,   fellow secularists

When you think about it, ideologies are parasites. Just as Darwin’s insect can infect a fly’s brain, thus directing the fly to work for  the insect  instead of for the fly’s own welfare, so an ideology can control the human brain to best perpetuate itself’


Consider a man directing a plane towards a wall. Surely this man would much rather go home to enjoy a sumptuous meal with his wife and his children but here he is holding the controls that will lead to his own demise. He has been infected by an ideology. He is not only about to lose his life but with it all his hopes, his ideas, and his dreams. No longer can he help his brother or his friends and he leaves his wife with the difficult task of bringing up his children all on her own.


Worse still, can you see a man willingly take his loving wife and his

beautiful daughters out, look straight into their fear filled eyes

then kill them? No man would ever think of doing that but an ideology

can and often does.


Ideologies show no compassion for humans –or for human nature for that matter. While there appears many types of ideologies– Fascism, Communism tried to crush the human spirit but at great cost we survived those earlier infections but now we have the internet and ideologies are sprouting up everywhere so we need to find a way of curbing their insatiable thirst.  Ideologies remain highly active and dangerous to all of us. Remember, once you are infected you will do whatever it wants you to do – no matter its effect on you and those you love.

Our only protection is to demand material, measurable evidence for any rumors, rhetoric that comes our way, always, or you  could end up attacking those you most respect.  So do not fault he who holds the gun but more the twisted tongue of he who lives his life gushing   conspiracy theories       Andy Mulcahy,


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