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Atheist, Freethinkers COME JOIN A NEW SOCIETY, The HAPPY HERETICS If you find you can live without divine assistance, Come join us at a meeting to take a look at forming a new society, en titled the Happy Heretics, who … Continue reading

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dealing with terrorists

WHY WE SEEM UNABLE TO PREVENT TERRORIST ATTACKS I suggest that our difficulty in arresting terrorists before the y strike is because they represent a religion This, I think, gives them a little too much slack. High time for us … Continue reading

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Bridge to Humanism

PROGRESSIVE HUMANISM Once we come to the realization that there is no such a thing as a god, we find ourselves in need of screening and modifying our secular laws to better represent the secular nature of our society. Our … Continue reading

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No, humanists do not eat little children nor do we

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There are many people, even some atheists, who feel that humans are instinctively drawn to the spiritual .Nonsense Once we, like the soaring eagle must have lived as one with the universe, responding obediently, unthinkingly to eternal stimuli. But now … Continue reading

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my personal Humanist manifesto

My personal Humanist Manifesto If you are traveling to find out what philosophy best comforts you and you come across we humanists, don’t stop here We got nothing If you are looking for answers to the great questions of life … Continue reading

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Welcoming our refugees

WELCOME TO SECULAR CANADA where women hold equal authority to men

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Break for Harper

There is political correctness and there is the polling booth. In the privacy of the polling booth people may say what they feel and this may be very different from what they told the pollster. And this is why I … Continue reading

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Trudeau as Harper describes him

Trudeau says words but can the media hear them? Trudeau needs to know that the media expects passionate, albeit pretentious oratory that sells well to the public.– his remark that Mr. Harper was trying to whip up how big our … Continue reading

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