bin Laden’s America


I bet bin Laden had no idea how much control he would soon  wield over the United States when the Twin Towers were demolished. Soon the casualties from this initial action would escalate many times greater as young Americans gave up their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan . Manipulating  Cheney and Bush deftly, he soon forced America into deeper debt to sustain these wars.

And this man, who simply could not tolerate secularism, watched as  his America started to wave flags and  pray from coast to coast and then saw U.S. religious forces gain considerable power under Bush’s tutelage, aided by the pervading fear of terrorism which bin Laden holds like a foreboding finger before the people of the United States. The mouse, in hiding ,has the mighty elephant petrified.

An America we once admired as the beacon of liberty began to close its borders and now seems more like a fortress than the nation that once welcomed the poor and forlorn, Their people now submit to very personal body inspections and the security people have gained great power over the citizen.  Passports are not easy to get—and this in what was once known as the most mobile nation in the world

Torture, once anathema to the American culture started to become tolerable and spying on their own people, such is common in many dictatorships, became the norm.
All of this became justifiable because of the ever present danger that bin Laden kept dangling in front of their eyes. And all of this because of a few book–cutting knives.

Now, a mighty nation lives in never ending fear and has become worried about Canada’s more liberal laws that, in their opinion, allow terrorists free access to the United States.

Or- could it be  that America’s real concern about our border is motivated more from a desire to keep their citizens from looking across the border and seeing the kind of freedom our citizens still enjoy–a reminder to many Americans of what they have so willingly given up to please (really) Omasa bin Laden–and maybe their own authorities?

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