In an article in the Times Colonist yesterday( April 3rd) there was one entitled “Freeman embarks on the Story of God”, which announces a new TV series, starring Morgan Freeman, in his quest to explore every religion with the intent (I gather) of finding some special connection between them all. ( Yes, I know, from our point of view that connection seems obvious.:)

An interesting read till the following quote stopped me in my tracks, it looks to me as if this woman is trying to turn the tables on the certainty thing.” McCreary considers the series an exercise against what she calls the “Tyranny of certainty.”

But it is they, not we who insist that their god exists and never once has the believer community suggested that there was any doubt about that.”

But then on further reflection I could see that from her point of view our instant rejection of their claims without discussion do come off looking a lot like we are very certain.

What we need to point out to them is that it is just that our priorities differ from theirs. Whether there is a god is way down there with our interest in ,say, types of shoelaces. .
Our priorities include such thing s as can we save this planet from toxic pollution; how can we avoid wars; how do we stop racial and similar types of discrimination and the list goes on and on–really little time to philosophize about existentialism. No time for pondering the imponderables, science will guide us–something we can always question, always revaluate.

But I can also see why getting proof or even just convincing us that it is possible there is a god is a number one priority to those who think religion is being phased out. They see, on the one hand that modern education promotes critical analysis, weakening their case but on the other, that neuroscience may prove to help them to keep the lie alive–as we get closer and closer to being categorized as robots, there could be a powerful backlash against too much reality.

Any way they seem to feel they are in a Titanic battle, making god’s existence their number one priority.

[ If you want to see just how feverish they have become, just Google-“ minds, materialism” and see the spate of articles trying to prove that dualism exists. ( all, of course, from an anthropomorphic point of view])’

So, in summary, while theists see discussing manifestations’ of god as top topics on their list of importance, we non theists, in turn have little interest in beating this dead horse forever more. Believe as you will.


About Monist

Hi, my name is Andy Mulcahy . I consider myself a monist and I am retired from steam engineering lo,these many years ago, and the Portland Cement industry. I have evolved into a Humanist-am a member of the Victoria Secular Humanist Association and The Humanist Association of Canada.
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