The other god theories

The case for dear god: O.K., I keep saying this issue is dead and not worth discussing until someone discovers new evidence to support the premise But I must admit there are a couple of theories worth a quick look.
First, suppose this deity is just a metaphor for the human species ,then the bible begins to make sense: After all, the human race is all powerful to us- we could not survive without its support. And we in turn love and support our fellow humans and in turn need them to get by. .We run into burning buildings to save people, we rush to save survivors of ship wrecks and show in so many other ways that we truly care for our fellow humans.

On the other hand we cannot easily ignore the the fact that our species (god) can mass bomb people and slaughter thousands of our own species and this does seem to mirror the disjointed nature of the bible’s edicts
So while we need to care for our own welfare, we are also at the mercy of our own species (if you don’t believe me, ask Harper)
So the bible makes sense,-a loving god who can get in a rage when upset. So should we worship this deity or perhaps try to change it?

And now for the other theory:

Since a deity who created this universe probably furnished it to his/her taste, we can assume we and our fellow mammal’s activities are either directed by him or her or preprogrammed to suit.
It follows then that all the creatures about us are responding spontaneously, obediently as demanded and, as we can tell by observing our fellow mammals that obviously includes a lot of copulations and aggressive behaviour.
BUT WAIT!! The bible tells us to ignore, even deny this god’s commands and choose to inhibit many such instinctive responses –so it can’t be god who wrote that book after all – IT MUST HAVE BEEN BE THE DEVIL! So the more the faithful follow the Bible the more sins they will accumulate until the road to heaven will quickly lead to the trapdoor to HELL!!—jump quickly, believers to the humanists to save yourself, -they, have, I believe, special sin cleansers available
Oh what a devilish trick the devil is pulling on those innocent believers -0h Shame, Devil!
Cheers Andy

About Monist

Hi, my name is Andy Mulcahy . I consider myself a monist and I am retired from steam engineering lo,these many years ago, and the Portland Cement industry. I have evolved into a Humanist-am a member of the Victoria Secular Humanist Association and The Humanist Association of Canada.
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