The SLy Trap

First we should note why the ISIS chose to arouse us to action. Both democratic and dictatorial states are centrally controlled and we have seen what happened in Libya and Iraq when the state failed, (with or without our help). Tribal authority emerges as the rule of law and as we have seen, violence spreads swiftly across the land.

We often are frightened by Islamic threats but the people who are actually getting slaughtered are the Muslims themselves. Now, however some wiser Muslim leaders have decided to try to find a way to unite all these disparate groups (Sunnis, Shiites, etc.) into a single state.
Note Saudi Arabia has beheaded 113 people in the last 21 months without seeming to arouse any concern (boys will be boys, chuckle, chuckle). But in this case the ISIS needed to arouse the Western world to bite so they contrived to arrange some very public, very horrific beheadings to try to shock us into the kind of response they needed to arouse us to action, thus uniting all Muslims into one force against us, the common enemy.
And it worked big time, we grabbed that fishhook and we never let go.

And if we clobber them good they’ll be reduced to attacking us with suicide bombers. Can Harper then claim that we need martial law to protect ourselves? After all, we did bomb them—time for some respect.

About Monist

Hi, my name is Andy Mulcahy . I consider myself a monist and I am retired from steam engineering lo,these many years ago, and the Portland Cement industry. I have evolved into a Humanist-am a member of the Victoria Secular Humanist Association and The Humanist Association of Canada.
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