Attack ads win every time

I have been backing Justin Trudeau but now I see him giving up the ghost.Attack ads aiming at him for a long time before the election keeps altering our perception of him, tiny increment by increment and he seems unable to respond though Harper makes such an easy target for attack ads. And no, in politics the nice guy loses every time.
Switching to support the NDP hoping for a real fight that can encourage our contempt for Harper.Needs to start soon as time is needed to get results– note Harper has run these ads as soon as a guy becomes a party leader, long, long before the election is even thought of.

About Monist

Hi, my name is Andy Mulcahy . I consider myself a monist and I am retired from steam engineering lo,these many years ago, and the Portland Cement industry. I have evolved into a Humanist-am a member of the Victoria Secular Humanist Association and The Humanist Association of Canada.
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