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People  waste too much time arguing about whether a deity exists or not.  This is not the problem. For whether a god exists or not is not the problem The problem is how come some people  have god on their … Continue reading

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J’accuse, says Sophie

THE TROUBLE WITH RELIGION by Sophie Dulesh. Who is the book addressed to? It is neither ‘academia’ nor a textbook; it The book exposes the harms against humanity inflicted by the normative religions, their backwardness, obscurantism and obstruction of the … Continue reading

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As I see it: If you are traveling to find out what philosophy best resonates with you and you come across we humanists, don’t stop here We’ve got nothing If you are looking for answers to the great questions of … Continue reading

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AMERICA’S ELECTION: why we Canadians care so much

THE AMERICAN ELECTION, why we care so much Some Americans have wondered why we Canadians seem so concerned about the outcome of today’s presidential election. But particularly why do we Humanists care so much more? Well lets be honest, we … Continue reading

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