Bullied Gir

Ever since I read a book,Stony River, which highlighted how potentially dangerous it was for innocent girls to grow up in what most of us saw as a benign society,I tend to blame, whenever I see such injustice, the culture. The
little girl who spoke out in support of women’s education did so in a culture
that expects women to remain subservient to male opinion. And the little girl
here who exposed her bosom on camera was bullied for the same reason we have
often bullied any woman, particularly prostitutes, for what is seen by
judgmental hypocrites as provocative behaviour.
I don’t think she acted wisely but she has no reason to be ashamed of being
proud of her body. We have to get rid of the notion that women and sex are

The body of the Virgin remained closed. Since the middle ages
the fact of having a body has been considered,in woman,an ignominy.”
Simon De Beauvoir,feminist: . “The Second Sex”1949

About Monist

Hi, my name is Andy Mulcahy . I consider myself a monist and I am retired from steam engineering lo,these many years ago, and the Portland Cement industry. I have evolved into a Humanist-am a member of the Victoria Secular Humanist Association and The Humanist Association of Canada.
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1 Response to Bullied Gir

  1. Tricia Dower says:

    Thanks for mentioning Stony River, Andy, and for your thoughts on that poor girl who felt so ashamed she took her life. Simone would probably not be surprised that the situation she describes has not changed much if at all.

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