These continuing and relentless attempts to sell the public that abortion is murder is gathering steam in Canada, increment by increment, and I think it is time for the prochoice groups to drop their defensive stance and aggressively counter attack this wholly illogical but very emotional prolife position.
First I am convinced that they have no real feeling for the fetus itself but priests have wisely chosen an issue that exploits our innate concern for our young as a way to dissuade women, particularly single women, from engaging in sexual practices that broach the Catholic Priests standards of morality by forcing them to bear an unwanted baby, no matter whether they want to or not, no matter how the unwanted child will fare in life..They know that women will be less likely to engage in sex if there is a real danger that they’ll get pregnant and this is the specific reason for their pretentious concern for the fetus.
As for their “murder” and “unborn child” nonsense let’s keep reminding them that our concern for our progeny is not the result of our fatuous claims that we so ordained it but is a genetic drive that produces impulses of concern in we mammals—note the care that tigers and elephants give to their offspring . They are just as concerned as are we .The sensory signals—pheromones, looks ,etc. that arouse us to take care of a baby are not present at all in our view of the fetus—it expresses nothing in itself, though of course two proud-to-be parents must relate at some level with their own potential child.
But when a grown adult man expresses emotional concern for the contents of a strangers’ uterus, I think we can safely say that his concern is pure maudlin nonsense or is scary, very scary.
Now on a very different level, I think that improving the image of women would go a long way to de-motivate those pro-lifers who see women as immoral if they show any sign of basic human nature. For example, consider those women who protest outside of clinics but go into the clinic for an abortion and then go back to protest at the same clinic, justifying their own abortion because “ I am not one of those sluts”. Right there you have the attitude of a lot of people in today’s society towards women who need an abortion and it is this attitude we have to change
Further justification for my opinion comes from Naomi Wolf, who suggests we need to start a third wave of feminism. In the following except from her article “The next sexual revolution is long overdue” she hits what I see as the core problem. here:
Here is just a small excerpt from that article: “This research (David Linden’s The Compass of Pleasure) indicates that positively experienced mind states are boosted when women are supported by the society in which they live. (They’re inhibited, of course, when they fear being stoned, shamed, raped or brutalized in response to their desire.)”
This statement makes me think of the Muslim attitude towards women that holds women responsible for arousing a man’s passion , but that tends to hide lesser but just as illogical attitudes present in our own society that can effect a woman’s view of herself. I am reminded of a story in Tricia Dower’s book, “Silent Girl’ in which a woman can only achieve climax when she can get her husband so enraged that he rapes her. Classic case of how our society over millenniums has sold us that there is something bad about a woman expressing lust openly. The popularity of books on sadomasochism suggest a yearning by women to be free from censure  when expressing themselves sexually.—or so it seems to me.
Note the real problem here is not sex, it is the attitude we impose on women which will reflect their lives on so many levels—being aware that society is always looking over one’s shoulder encourages one to seek approval for one’s actions. The fact that women make up the bulk of those who go to church shows how effective this tactic has been. Women are still more concerned about how society views them than they should have to be. A women’s personal life should not be open to society’s view and judgment and she should not have to feel it must be..
Unfortunately, society’s general attitude towards women has been the view that women should be more chaste than passionate We still use derogatory terms like “ slut’ to describe a woman who openly enjoys sexual intercourse. Settle this one core issue about a woman’s place in the world and we will have settled hordes of chronic problems that emanate from this one silly anachronism Every effort, then, should be taken to ridicule this macho attitude and attack its basis on all occasions. We need to work at this.
This article by Naomi Wolf was published in the Globe and Mail on Oct. 6th,2012

About Monist

Hi, my name is Andy Mulcahy . I consider myself a monist and I am retired from steam engineering lo,these many years ago, and the Portland Cement industry. I have evolved into a Humanist-am a member of the Victoria Secular Humanist Association and The Humanist Association of Canada.
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  1. Tricia Dower says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention, Andy, and for tackling this contentious issue. Sometimes it seems as if every generation of women has to fight the same battles we thought previous generations had won.

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