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Saving your Vote from the Shredder

Here is a blog that arouses my concerns. See what you think of it, please: The Rise of Tyranny and the Imminent Fall of Canada by 2014 Sunday, Oct 21 2012 thebishopviews ======== The above blog warns us of … Continue reading

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Bullied Gir

Ever since I read a book,Stony River, which highlighted how potentially dangerous it was for innocent girls to grow up in what most of us saw as a benign society,I tend to blame, whenever I see such injustice, the culture. … Continue reading

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Women and their stigma

Two girls. One who openly said that women have the right right to have an education. The other who proudly displayed her bosom to a man. In both cases they were acting independently without the approval of a man and … Continue reading

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These continuing and relentless attempts to sell the public that abortion is murder is gathering steam in Canada, increment by increment, and I think it is time for the prochoice groups to drop their defensive stance and aggressively counter attack … Continue reading

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Harpers’ New Sharia Law

People are complaining about Stephen Harper allowing (urging?) Woodworth and Mark Warawa to forward motions about abortion in the house but in reality Harper is simply trying to forge bonds between cultures here. In his efforts to promote multiculturalism, he … Continue reading

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