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Foetus and the Handicapped

There seems to be a start to an all out war against abortion in Canada–both national papers have published articles that attempt to discredit abortion by introducing wedge issues. Trouble is –judging by the comments and letters- most do not … Continue reading

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Republicans version of the Vagina Monlogues

Seems most societies, including our own, see an attractive woman as a crime waiting to happen. Here is an article by Margaret Wente, in today’s Globe about the Republican’s frenetic drive to make controlling the single woman the primary issue … Continue reading

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More On Spirituality

SPIRITUALITY Whenever we have an experience so profound that we cannot find words to express it, we tend to describe that experience as spiritual. In other words, whenever we find our language inadequate, we simply bring this word ‘spirituality’ into … Continue reading

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Re: An Atheist’s defense of religion

“An atheist’s defense of religion.” Alain de Botton has written a book called: “Religion for Atheists” and John Allemang interviews him  in a  Globe article in which he proffers what he feels we need to learn from religion. Once I … Continue reading

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